A Dry What? No Beer?

Excuse me Miss? Where can I find the beer?
Beer? Oh no, we don’t sell beer here. It’s a dry county.
That’s right, NO BEER.  OH THE HORROR!

We knew dry counties existed, but we had never run into one. In fact, we just had this discussion the other day because we are heading to none other than Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, TN which happens to be a dry county. They get around selling it at the distillery because they sell the bottle and give away the whiskey!
We’ve encountered some pretty wonky liquor laws as we’ve traveled the Country, but this was our first dry county. Some places we’ve had to put duct tape on our growlers or beer has to be served in certain size glasses based on the ABV. Surprisingly, 33 states allow their localities to determine their own liquor laws although most of the states don’t enforce it.  We are currently in Alabama where 25 of the 67 counties are dry or “moist”. In order for an Alabama city or county to hold a wet-dry vote, 25% of the voters in the preceding general election must sign a petition requesting a vote. A city must have a population in excess of 1,000 residents in order to have a referendum to go wet. In some states like Mississippi and Tennessee, the counties are dry by default and there has to be a vote to make it wet! Is that not the craziest thing ever? Are we in 1925 or something????
Not even kidding, today the Bear had to drive an hour each way to buy beer. It was quite the adventure.
We looked up the nearest beer place on Google Maps and he drove 15 miles to find an empty field. He ran into a mail lady that hit on him and tried to give him her number, but also kindly told him that the place he was looking for was really SEVENTY MILES AWAY!!!! She also told him the closest place from where he was would be Cullman, AL which was another 30 minutes away.
Thankfully, Cullman was home to craft beer stores and even a brewery! He was able to score some sweet craft beers from Birmingham!

This is just one more thing that we need to add to our list of things to research before we head to an area. It’s no secret that we travel for beer and love to stop at wineries, distilleries and breweries. Landing in a dry county was the last thing we ever imagined that we would do. We’ve had places where we couldn’t buy on Sunday or had to buy from a liquor specific store, heck we’ve even been in places you could buy Vodka with your groceries!!!
Thankfully, our next stop is Hunstville where they boast SIX amazing breweries!!!!
Have you stayed in a dry county? Did you know it was dry before you got there? How did you handle it? Drop a comment and let us know!!!

2 thoughts on “A Dry What? No Beer?”

  1. We just came from Collingsworth County in Texas. Wellington had Just gone wet recently and when I was I formed of this, I had the same reaction as you: what decade are they in!?!? It is def the last thing I would have thought to BYO into a place we planned to stay. An hour drive one way. Wow!

    1. It’s so crazy! We usually are pretty well stocked on beer but we’ve never had a problem finding it. This was definitely a first for us!

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