Ghost River Brewing – Memphis, TN

Beer that is “made to wander” fits perfectly with our lifestyle so we just had to visit Ghost River Brewing! While their taproom has been shaking up Memphis for just one year, they’ve been making good beer for 11 years!

Their new taproom is cozy, quirky and kid-friendly. The vibe was chill with rock music playing from Dave Matthews to Ozzy Osborne. They have plenty of games to choose from and lots of seating! They also have a great dog-friendly patio with outdoor games to enjoy and easy access to food trucks that are parked in the lot.

What we had:

Easy Rider Berliner Weisse
Midnight Magic Schwarzbier
Happy Herd IPA
Bab’s Nightcap Stout
1887 IPA
PS I Love You Imperial Brown Ale

The stand out for us was the P.S. I Love You. This limited edition high gravity imperial brown ale was spicy, crisp and warm. It has a lovely toasty coconut flavor. It is the perfect fall beer to take camping!

Final Thoughts?

Solid brews. Of all the Memphis breweries we visited, Ghost River has the most consistent quality. Everything we had was very good. The Imperial Brown Ale was fantastic! While we enjoyed our taproom experience, a big downside for us was the lack of bar seating. As travelers, we like to chat with the employees and locals and it makes it hard when we are stuck at a table by ourselves. If we were meeting friends, we would have had a different experience.

Ghost River Brewing
827 S Main St
Memphis, TN 38106

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