Jackson Street BrewCo – Perryville, MO

“Charming” is the word I would use to describe Jackson Street BrewCo in downtown Perryville, Missouri.

Downtown Perryville was absolutely adorable and this quaint little brewery fit right in! The decor was both classy and quirky! One of the table tops was a repurposed door!

They had seating perfect for small groups and comfy couch areas for larger groups. The layout is perfect to grab a game from the bookshelf! We chatted with a few folks and it was clear that this family friendly joint was a local favorite!

What did we drink?

CzechPils – Pilsner
Blonde Ale
Cali Dream – California Common
Ginger Buzz – Ginger Beer
Scottish 60 – Scottish Ale
Shotgun IPA
Beach Shack – Pale Ale

Honorable mention for the Altbier! So exciting to see this style gaining traction! In over 70 breweries we have only stumbled on Altbiers twice and both times they were absolutely fantastic!

JStreet also had local friends on tap!
Ale Mucho Hoppo – Charleville
India Brown Ale – Schlafly

Final thoughts?

Cozy, friendly and delicious JStreet boasts a solid variety of beer styles and amazing wood fired pizza, what’s not to love about that? We were impressed by their solid grasp on multiple styles. Eveything we had was delicious! Our beertender was extremely knowledgeable and it was clear she was passionate about beer! We are so glad we found Jackson Street BrewCo.

106 N Jackson Street
Perryville, MO 63775

There was one con and it in no way reflects poorly on this amazing brewery. Their name, Jackson Street BrewCo, made it hard to find. When we initially searched google maps for “brewery” and “brewing” nothing came up. We chose Perryville for an overnight only because they had an RV Friendly Walmart. We had NO IDEA there was a brewery here until we saw a billboard as we were approaching the highway exit. It is possible I would have found them by searching Untappd or a craft beer website, but 99% of the time we just look at Google Maps.

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