Sailfish Brewing Company – Fort Pierce, FL

We love beer.
We have an awesome brewery right in our backyard. Sailfish Brewing Company is located at 407 N. Second St. in downtown Fort Pierce. It’s a short walk off the main street of downtown right over a small canal. They feature brewery tours on Tuesday and Wednesdays and live music on the weekends.

We headed over to Sailfish with our friends after dining at Taco Dive to finish off our evening of catching up and catching Pokemon. It was the perfect place to hang out for a while and enjoy the fresh air of their wide open back patio.

While the brewery offers a number of fantastic beers, we decided to try two of their lighter offerings this evening. The White Marlin Wit is a light brew with coriander and comes with a thick slice of orange. It was a great refreshing beer that pairs perfectly with the summer heat. It is light, refreshing and has a nice citrus kick. The other beer we had was the classic Belgian Pale Ale. It was light and smooth. A great belgian. It was a nice, light, smooth pale ale. It was quite refreshing in the heat of a July summer evening.
While Sailfish is currently a small local brewery, they are expanding. Right now Sailfish has 3 tanks that they brew their beer in. They are expanding to 20 down the street! Staying local. More beer. Yay! I love that we finally are getting some cool breweries in the area!
Sailfish has a lot going on. They have live music, games, yoga and movie nights. They are a great place to hang out on any night. Tonight we enjoyed live music by Matt Manning and we played games that they have set up all over the back porch.

We definitely recommend this place. The staff was awesome and it had a great, laid back atmosphere. We would love to spend more time there and take a tour of the brewery!
Oh….and if you’re wondering….Yes, they are a Pokestop  😉

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