Wiseacre Brewing Company – Memphis, TN

Industrial and hip with an outdoor patio that has a flair of southern elegance you will find Wiseacre Brewing Company tucked back along the railroad tracks in Memphis, TN.

The large communal tables encourage strangers to become friends amongst a variety of beer styles and funky tunes piped straight from vinyl on a record player.

What we drank:

Ananda –  IPA
Gotta Get Up To Get Down – Stout
Adjective Animal – DIPA
Prank Calls To Satan – Black IPA
Single Source of Truth – Saison
Tiny Bomb – Pilsner
Dr. Gibbler – Rauchbier
To Go: Unicornicopia – Imperial Stout

Final Thoughts?

Bear enjoyed the Gotta Get Up To Get Down since he’s a bit of a stout fanatic and Pookie’s favorite was the Dr. Gibbler. It was an odd smoked German beer…something you don’t see often. It was definitely unique. The vibe was cool, the passing train scared the crap out of us and it would be a great place for large groups of people and events. Definitely give it a visit if you’re into IPAs.

2783 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN 38112





If you ask me…that train conductor knows what’s up. I bet he blows that horn next to the brewery patio all the time and laughs about it.

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